Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Adventures in Kenya

Last year, at TKC, Edward Buria (Kenya) and his wife Frida spent a weekend with us along with some other great people from Kambakia Christian Centre in Meru. A friendship began that weekend and we as a church were so blessed by having them with us.

Over the year I have stayed in touch with Edward and I am delighted to say that he will be back with us again at The King's Church Mid-Sussex, with some other guys from Kambakia. He will be preaching on Sunday 4 July 2010.

However, before then, I have the privilege of visiting Kenya myself. I, with a good friend (Peter Marson), will be flying out on 23 May to spend 10 days with Edward and the church in Meru to see some of the amazing work they are involved in.

I am grateful to God for this relationship with Edward and want to be very open to hear from him when I am in Kenya. Being part of a global family of churches like Newfrontiers is sometimes hard to grasp, however, what it actually comes down to is relationships. Where you know God is joining hearts and joining vision to see his Kingdom plans come to fruition. I sense that is happening here and am excited to see what God might do!