Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Barnabas Conference - Seminars

The Barnabas Conference

We are busy making the final plans for 'The Barnabas Conference' which is taking place on
05 October. We believe it is going to be really significant event for our church, and for
other churches who are booking delegates in. I want to let you know some more
information regarding the seminars that are taking place on the day. There will be
four options as follows:

Social Justice and Politics – Natalie Williams

Christians are more likely to vote and join political parties than average, but should we be involved in politics? And, if so, how do we get involved and how involved should we get? In this seminar we'll explore the why, when and how of churches and Christians engaging in politics, influencing decision-makers and standing up for justice.
natalie williams
Social Enterprise – Geoff Knott

Rethinking the business/charity divide. How can we create innovative ways of achieving social impact whilst creating economic value and effective businesses? Some of these will be social enterprises - a growing, worldwide movement of businesses that exist to change the world for the better. Businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment. Businesses need business people. These are not grant maintained social initiatives. How can the Church encourage such entrepreneurship? Geoff will be taking a deeper look.
geoff knott
Local Partnerships – Martin Charlesworth

Effective social action and community engagement often requires partnerships – with other churches, with other agencies, with local authorities, with Christian national charities. How do we best approach such partnerships? What can we learn from examples in other parts of the country?
martin charlesworth
Evangelism and social action – Miles Jarvis

How do these two vital parts of the Christian life interact? What would the early church have said if this question was even raised?! This seminar will discuss the role evangelism has within social action and why this should even be an issue. The Gospel of the Kingdom, holistic mission and other key issues will be explored in this interactive seminar.

As well as these superb seminars the day will include main sessions, worship, networking
groups and interviews. It is going to be great day.

If you have not yet booked your place go to...

There is special rate for TKC members. I really hope you can make this day; God has
called us to be a church known as having a heart for the poor that will extend out
amongst our community.  I believe this day is a key stepping stone in us moving forward
in this area.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

TKC this weekend (8 September)

The beginning of September is always a bit crazy!  We, as a family, have just landed back from holiday, have one daughter starting secondary school, one in primary school, one child in play group and one still in nappies - we have walked into a very full but exciting couple of weeks.

September is also a very important month in the life of our church. It always feels like a new chapter beginning as we gather back from summer holidays and look at the year ahead. And this Sunday is a really important part of laying out what the next few months are going to be all about.

Morning meeting - 10.30am

In our morning meeting, I will be preaching and casting vision for the next season in the life of TKC. Bill Hybels, a church leader from the states, said that casting vision in the local church was saying:

"Hey gang, there is a better future out there. We’re here. The future God has for us is out there, and I believe that in His power and by His strength, we can move there!” 

Hybels talks about "painting a picture of the future that creates passion in people." 

As we come into this term there is so much happening and so much to get excited about: 

  • our growing relationship with Dave Holden and the New Ground group of churches
  • our SeeKenya team travelling to Kenya next week
  • the launch of our largest ever Alpha campaign 
  • the development by YMCA of our property in Mill Road and potential partnership opportunities 
  • the Barnabas Conference seeking to help churches engage with their communities 
  • a new teaching series on God'sheart for the poor
  • and much more

I would love you to be there on Sunday morning to hear more about it including prophetic words, interviews, video and prayer - I am so excited to cast vision for the next chapter in our life together.

Evening meeting - 7.30pm

Then in the evening at 7.30pm, Dave Holden will be with us. We will worship, share some important TKC news and then will we hand over to Dave to share about the New Ground group of churches that we are joining. 

Dave will be accompanied by a French leader called Nathan and we'll hear some of what is happening with church planting in mainland Europe. 

Dave will also share his heart about new Ground and how we, as a church, can engage with all that is going on and there will be time to pray together too. 

Important, exciting, strategic stuff!  I hope you can be there.