Thursday, 30 May 2013

Courage on Father's Day

I had a great chat with Major-General Tim Cross this afternoon and I am really looking forward to his visit with us in a couple of weeks on Father's Day.

Tim will be speaking on the subject of courage and as he has served in some of the harshest situations and most difficult conflicts in recent history, he is well positioned to speak on such a subject.

Can I encourage you to consider inviting people to come to church on Father's Day and hear Tim speak?. He has an amazing story and speaks with great authority and integrity. And he is really passionate about following Jesus. It's a great opportunity to introduce someone to our church.

Sunday 16 June, 10.30am at The King's Centre, Burgess Hill. 

Plus, as it's Father's Day, there may even be a Yorkie Bar in it for the blokes!  What more reason do you need to come to church?!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sundays in June

We have some exciting Sunday's coming up in June.  

Obviously, we value every opportunity to gather on a Sunday and to worship Jesus together. I have been so encouraged recently by the hunger, expectation and engagement in worship; it really feels like God is doing something new amongst us. However, in addition to this there are some other great reasons not to miss our Sunday meetings over the next few weeks.

Sunday 02 June - John Hosier

We are delighted that John Hosier will be preaching at TKC this coming Sunday. John was, for many years, an Elder at CCK, Brighton but is now on the Eldership team at Citygate Church, Bournemouth.

He is widely respected as a Bible teacher and he will be continuing our series from Galatians. He has also authored a number of books including 'Christ's Radiant Church'.

Sunday 09 June - Baptism Celebration

There is nothing more exciting than hearing people's stories of how Jesus has changed their lives.

On Sunday 9 June we are going to celebrate with another three people as they get baptised. It will be another  opportunity to celebrate, thank God and remember that the gospel is still changing lives today. 

Kieran Dunne will be preaching and it will be a great Sunday to invite people to try out church.

Sunday 16 June - Father's Day with Major-General Tim Cross

It is wonderful to welcome back our friend Tim Cross. Tim had a long and distinguised career in the British Military including a very senior role in command of the British Forces in Iraq.

He also follows Jesus and we are so glad he's coming back to TKC to preach. We are also planning some other elements for Father's Day, so this will be another excellent opportunity to invite people to church. 

I hope that you can make these Sundays. Also remember that on Sunday 23 June we start our new 'Sense and Sexuality' series; I will be blogging more about that soon.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sense & Sexuality: why we are doing a teaching series on Sex at TKC

Sense and Sexuality

On Sunday 23 June this year we are going to start a new teaching series at The King's Church Mid-Sussex called 'Sense and Sexuality'.

For a number of years I have thought about doing a teaching series like this but it has not felt like the right moment, however, I feel God has clearly led me to do the series this year.  So for 5 weeks (maybe more!) I will be teaching Sunday by Sunday on a number of themes relating to this huge and significant issue.

The reality is this; sex and sexuality is one of the driving forces, if not the driving force, in our culture and yet I have rarely heard much teaching about it in the church. This is tragic because sex is God's idea and he created it for good. Many of us grew up in churches that seemed to suggest that sex was bad or wrong. Certainly it was taboo; never spoken about within the walls of the church. But God created sex, God created us as sexual beings, sex was his idea! So why the silence?

The reality is also this; as the church has remained silent on the issue the rest of the world has found it's own view of sex outside of God's original plan and intent.

Why do we need a teaching series on Sex and Sexuality? 

Because $90 billion dollars are spent every year on the porn industry
Because America spends more on porn than it does on foreign aid
Because today 27 million people are bought and sold as slaves - many into the sex industry
Because the number 1 consumer of internet porn is 12-17 year old boys
Because in the UK in 2011 there were nearly 200,000 unwanted pregnancies that led to abortion
Because in the UK in 2009 nearly 500,000 people contracted an STI
Because in the USA 90% of 8-16 year olds have seen pornagraphic images
Because many people are hurt, wounded and damaged because of abusive sexual relationships

And because God has a much higher and more beautiful plan for human sex and sexuality than that which we see around us. And here's the thing, not many people know what it is. He is a God of extravagent love, forgiveness, grace and healing and the Bible says alot about Sex and Sexuality.

So, we are going to spend some time looking at this together at The King's Church Mid-Sussex - identity, relationships, singleness, marriage, sexuality.

Sense and Sexuality starting 23 June.

More info will be coming soon.