Thursday, 30 May 2013

Courage on Father's Day

I had a great chat with Major-General Tim Cross this afternoon and I am really looking forward to his visit with us in a couple of weeks on Father's Day.

Tim will be speaking on the subject of courage and as he has served in some of the harshest situations and most difficult conflicts in recent history, he is well positioned to speak on such a subject.

Can I encourage you to consider inviting people to come to church on Father's Day and hear Tim speak?. He has an amazing story and speaks with great authority and integrity. And he is really passionate about following Jesus. It's a great opportunity to introduce someone to our church.

Sunday 16 June, 10.30am at The King's Centre, Burgess Hill. 

Plus, as it's Father's Day, there may even be a Yorkie Bar in it for the blokes!  What more reason do you need to come to church?!

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