Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Awesome healing story at TKC...

On Sunday morning at TKC I heard a story.  It was a true story told by a 15 year old called Jenn.  It was one of those stories that stops you in your tracks, that takes your breath away, that reminds you again just how awesome God is.

Jenn had just returned from Newday - an event run by Newfrontiers for young people.  This year 6500 people attended including a group of about 60 from TKC.

Jenn was part of that group because earlier in the year she attended a Youth Alpha course at our church, met with God on the away day and signed up for Newday.

That is wonderful in itself.  But then another extraordinary thing happened.  One night at Newday, in the evening celebration, Adrian Holloway prayed for the sick and those with illness. Jenn had suffered with a form of dyslexia for years which had meant that reading was a significant challenge.  So significant that she had never read publicly and required additional tuition.

So she prayed, with her friends. Prayed that God would heal her.

How would she know if anything had changed, if God had done anything?  She picked up her Bible and read, out loud to her mates, for the first time....ever.  She read clearly with no hesitation and no struggle.  God had done something wonderful.

On Sunday morning at church Jenn shared her story and then, as the preach began, she stood up in front of 250 people and read the Bible. She read the verses that we were looking at together. It was one of those moments, one of those stories. God is doing some amazing things.

For more info on Newday check out http://www.newdaygeneration.org/Groups/108677/Newday.aspx

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  1. Incredible...praise God! I'd never even considered dyslexia as something that could be healed, so well done Jenn for having faith to pray for it.