Friday, 26 August 2016

5 Reasons To Get Baptised

I love this time of year.

September is soon to be upon us and there is always great momentum and excitement in church life. Our new Alpha course is soon to begin. We will be gathering for our prayer week. We have new initiatives beginning. And, we have baptisms.

On Sunday 25 September we will be celebrating together as another group of people get baptised - so far 4 people have express an interest. Amazing! 

Maybe you are reading this and you have never been baptised or you are considering getting baptised. Here are are 5 reasons why its great to get baptised:

1. Jesus was baptised

In the Bible, both Matthew and Luke describe Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist. You may ask why Jesus needed to get baptised. John the Baptist preached a message of baptism and repentance for the forgiveness of sins - but Jesus was perfect. He never sinned so he didn't need to repent. So why get baptised? In Jesus' baptism we see him identifying with us and setting us an example to follow. To be a Christian is to be a follower - or an apprentice - of Jesus. If Jesus was baptised, what better way to identify yourself with him then by also being baptised.

2. Jesus told his disciples to baptise people

After Jesus' resurrection, he was talking to his disciples and he commanded them to go to all nations and make disciples - we know this as the 'Great Commission'. These powerful words included the instruction to baptise people. Clearly, in Jesus' mind and his teaching, baptism was central to the Christian faith. 

3. Baptism was central in New Testament Church life

In the book of Acts, when the church began, we read that Peter preached about Jesus in the centre of Jerusalem and 3000 people responded and asked him what shall we do? His reply was that they should all 'repent and be baptised'. Baptism wasn't an added extra for the really enthusiastic or outgoing ones. Baptism was a central part of their response to the message of Jesus; an outward act followed an inward change. Baptism follows repentance and was central to New Testament Church life. 

4. Baptism paints a picture of what Jesus has done

The Apostle Paul talks about baptism in his letter to the church in Rome. He says that as we are baptised, we identify with Jesus' death and resurrection. The Bible describes being a Christian like being new creations, the old has gone and the new has come (2 Cor 5 v 17). As we are baptised, its like our old life is buried (as we go under the water) and as we come out of the water it symbolises that we have a new life in Christ. Baptisms tell a story, our story, and celebrates what Jesus has done in our lives.

5. It's a great opportunity to invite people to church

If you have recently become a Christian it is likely that your friends or family might be wondering why. What has happened to you? Why are you now going to church? Baptism is an opportunity for them to hear your story and for you to share why Jesus has changed your life. Your story is amazing, too good to be kept quiet, and baptism is a great opportunity to invite friends and family to church so they can hear first hand the difference that Jesus has made. 

So there you go, 5 reasons why to get baptised. If you want more info about baptism or want to get baptised contact The King's Church right away by e-mailing

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