Monday, 7 December 2009

Counterfeit Gods

At TKC, we are currently in the middle of a teaching series on worship. Everyone worships something, the question is who...or what. Yesterday (06/12/09) we looked at the danger of fake gods - the fact that our world is full of things that are seeking our time, resources, energy, attention and ultimately our worship.
In my preparation for this series I read "Counterfet Gods" by Tim Kellar. He identified many contemporary idols - money, image, relationships, political ideals and more - which can easily become the thing in which we put our hope, identity and trust Each and every time he points us back to Jesus - and shows us how Jesus answers the deepst questions of the human heart in an way that none of these other "counterfiet gods" can.
Its a brilliant book and will get you thinking about things in your own life that may have attained a position which is competing with Jesus. Have a look at for a good price.

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