Thursday, 17 December 2009

Reflections on Worship Series

We have just completed a four week teaching series at TKC on worship. Personally, I have been stirred and challenged again about what it means to 'Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, mind and strength'.

It is clear that God has been speaking to us as a church about being a 'one thing' people and it has been great to see how this phrase has found it's place in the day to day language of the church.

Our prayer, as a team, was that this teaching series would not just communicate a few theological ideas about worship. But that it would generate fresh passion in our hearts, to live lives devoted to worshipping Jesus.

One particular outworking of this, which I have been so encouraged by, is the men's prayer meeting. Last Saturday morning over 25 of us crammed into our church offices and gave an hour of full on worship and prayer - the volume was deafening, the prayers were passionate, the engagement was fantastic. I firmly believe that our church will be stronger as the guys pray. In some ways its a shame that we are now breaking for a few weeks over Christmas as we were really building some momentum, but I am looking forward to Saturday January 9th when we kick off again in the New Year.

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