Thursday, 31 May 2012

Another Amazing Healing: 'Since that moment, I haven’t had any difficulties walking at all'

A few days ago I posted a story about a lady in our church whose back has recently been healed in a remarkable way, this led her osteopath to say that it is in better condition now then when she started treating her a year ago.  

Here is another amazing story of God at work today from Bethan - a member of our church...

Bethan's Story

During the 16 months or so since I gave my life to God, I have received promises of healing from Him and prophetic words which have encouraged me and kept me holding on to those promises. When Julian Adams came to TKC, I arrived at the Saturday morning session on my mobility scooter with nothing more in mind than a great morning of praising God and learning. As I worshiped, I heard God ask me ‘are you ready?’ many times. I replied ‘yes’ each time without being quite sure what I was ready for! When Julian asked anyone who felt they were being moved to stand at the front and be prayed for, I went leaning on the arm of a friend. I didn’t feel any huge change over the next few minutes, but as we went to sit down again I realised that I didn’t need support any more!

For 8 years I have been living with a neurological illness. I had had diagnoses of M.E and fibromyalgia, and more recently Meniere’s. Throughout the years I have had relapses and remissions, but the relapses had been becoming more and more severe. Over the last 18 months it became obvious that the illness was no longer going into remission, and the possibility of MS was being investigated on the advice of my consultant. Although we were used to dealing with my condition as a family – indeed my 2 and 4 year old had known nothing different – I had been more and more wheelchair bound over the last year and we were really starting to wonder how much worse things were going to get.

'I am off all medication for the first time in a long time'

Since that moment, I haven’t had any difficulties walking at all. I felt that God was working on my other problems over the course of the next week or so – it didn’t happen all at once, but now (2 ½ weeks later) I am off all medication for the first time in a long time and I don’t feel that there is any of the illness left in me. We are all really enjoying life without it!

Eight years ago, my life was very much on the wrong track. I was too focused on earning more money and was living in a school where careers were far more important than relationships. I had lost the relationship with God that had been developing during my school days and, in doing so, I had lost an important part of myself. Although I know that God did not give me the illness, He used it to make many, many positive changes in my life and to bring me back to Him. I’m so much happier with the person that I am today than with who I was back then, and so grateful to our awesome God for everything He has done.

This photo was taken on the Sunday after the Julian Adams event - Bethan arrived that day on a mobility scooter, the next day she is on top of a climbing frame!

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